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We all know how important knowledge is. We live in a knowledge economy. About a third of all workers are knowledge workers. The number and scope of knowledge workers will continue to increase.

Unfortunately, knowledge is all over the place. Fortunately, Google made it easy to find it. Unfortunately, finding knowledge is not enough; each item of knowledge exists in one or more contexts, so it needs to be made available in those contexts.

So, what we need is information that is readily available without having to search all over the planet (or, equivalently, read through the dozens of results that Google brings us). There is no easy way around this except through curation. Because of the nature of curation, only a small fraction of the curation process can be automated.

Many curated collections do exist, but they are rigid. The presentation is based on only one viewpoint. Frequently, a list of resources passes for curation. In some cases, social interaction from viewers is not possible.

Hence, I created iKnowCentral, a platform that enables the creation of a central source of curated knowledge in various topics and domains.

Obviously, no one person or a group of people can create and maintain curated knowledge. We need people with passion and an intense desire to collect, classify, and present information.

People who think each taxonomy is a thing of beauty. People who can put themselves in the shoes of different users of information and know how to present it in ways relevant to those users.

The engine behind iKnowCentral is nViEM, which stands for Neuro-Visual Enterprise Management. nViEM is an AI-based SaaS product for managing the life-cycle of analytics, knowledge, and decision-making in medium-to-large enterprises.

With nViEM, many solutions are possible. iKnowCentral happens to be the first solution.

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