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Thanks for your contribution!  Welcome to an exclusive community of visionaries - let's work to build this into a successful and game-changing set of technologies, solutions, and community.

Stay tuned for periodic communications about progress and successes. Please play an active role by sending us ideas, suggestions, and useful contacts.

You can help immediately by sharing this application with your professional friends, colleagues, and contacts. To do so:

a. Log in
b. Select a node that you want to share - it can be the main iKnowCentral node (which you will see if you click on the logo on the top left corner)
c. When the node you want to share is active (you'll see it's name and description, if any, in the central panel), click on the share icon on the middle panel's header:

d. Select the email icon. Copy the link that shows up in the popup:

e. Using your email platform, compose an email and paste the copied link into the body of the email.
f. Write a pesonal message to your contact and send the email.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they'll be able to signup. Also, you will get credit for this signup. This is very important if you are especially signed up for Medallion or Curator levels, which allow you to participate in a future revenue-share program.

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