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Welcome to iKnowCentral!

This is a curated repository and a digital brand hub for people, companies, and topics.

With iKnowCentral, you can create high quality, structured content that has superior, multi-dimensional visual navigation with artificial intelligence technology.

You can create and manage:

  • a digital node that represents you, a company, or a topic
  • child nodes to any depth, where each node represents informational areas
  • a taxonomy of information
  • the structure of your 'tree of knowledge' and change it at any time
  • different views for different types of audience
  • nodes that connect with your social media profiles
  • actionable nodes with embedded behaviors or external APIs

Here is an example of a curated repository (curation is never done; it is a work in progress!):

Here is an example of a "digital brand hub":

Child Nodes:
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