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Welcome to the Community Gateway!

This is a curated gateway to informal communities or groups. Each group or community can have one or more curators, whose role is to maintain high professional standards and perform curation on their nodes, links, and content.

[Want to create a group, community, or add a company or individual to an existing group or community? Please send email to with details. We will verify, add, and notify you. If you are a registered user, you can then rate and comment.]

[Note: There are several communities under this node, but if you can't see them, it's because their owners have made them private and accessible only to their members.]

Chief Curator: Kiran Garimella

[Pssst...What is the difference between a community and an association?

An association is a legal (generally, non-profit) entity. A community is simply a group whose members have some common interest, such as location or hobby. Membership in a community or group need not be formal and members need not sign up for membership (i.e., someone could create a group for any purpose). Members can be individuals or companies. Check out, for example, the community of Recruiters, which contains individual recruiters as well as recruitment companies.]
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